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Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Law & Your Needs

If you are looking to invest in real estate or already own real property, whether privately or commercially, a Los Angeles attorney can assist you or your company in pursuing success with your venture. Without taking sufficient legal precautions or actions, not only might success elude you, you may find yourself embroiled in all manner of legal complications and financial losses. Real estate law is extensive and complex and a knowledgeable attorney could well save you a great deal of wasted effort and missed opportunities.

At Lee & Kaufman, we are adept at addressing the full spectrum of real estate transactions, asset-based financing matters and real estate litigation. We have represented financial institutions, regional developers and other clients with their real property issues, along with clients of every variation of financing structure. Our firm also works with experts and consultants to stay abreast of additional opportunities you may have as regards your transactions in this area. We always take a comprehensive approach when developing your investment strategy and will directly assist with its execution.

Dedicated Legal Counsel

No company or firm is too large for our legal team to represent, and do so incredibly well. David K. Lee has represented a number of Fortune 500 companies internationally, such as the Walt Disney Company, IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Apple. Martin J. Kaufman has represented such clients as Honda North America, Hartford Insurance, California Korea Bank, Speed Racer Enterprises, Piaggio and more. Our legal team is also as dedicated to working with private clients and believes each individual's or company's goals to be vitally important and worthy of committed support.

Contact a Los Angeles real estate lawyer if you are considering investing in property or if you are, or your firm is, already a property owner. Find out how an attorney can enhance your business.